Cultural Understanding

Our cultural understanding resources are designed to communicate positive messages about inclusion, identity and difference.

Our aim is to assist you to incorporate diversity into your activities and programs.

Our cultural packages may be used as an introduction to a range of culturally diverse activities, tastes and experiences from different countries around the world, with the aim to bring about an awareness of the heritage, traditions, family lifestyles and rich cultures of our global community.

Packages are designed to encourage further exploration of the way people in other countries live and are intended to enrich your program and activities.

Books covering specific topics such as Easter, Christmas, craft, food, stories, festivals, celebrations and music, and how these areas of life are lived and celebrated around the world are available.

Please send us an enquiry for more information on any of these resources:

  • Multicultural Programming for Babies & Toddlers
  • Multicultural Programming in the Outdoor Learning Environment
  • Multicultural Programming for OSHC
  • Multicultural Christmas
  • Multicultural Easter
  • Multicultural Snacks and Finger Foods
  • Food: Culture Customs and Presentations
  • Stories: A Festival
  • Festivals and Celebrations
  • Traditional Painting Techniques
  • Culturally Diverse Music & Movement Experiences
  • Masks and Puppets from Around the World
  • Children With a Second Language
  • Food Preparation in the Asian Tradition
  • Art and Craft Around the World
  • Creative Multicultural Resources
  • Thailand – A Cultural Package
  • Cambodia – A Cultural Package
  • Vietnam – A Cultural Package
  • China – A Cultural Package
  • India – A Cultural Package
  • Papua New Guinea – A Cultural Package
  • Ireland – A Cultural Package
  • Latin America – A Cultural Package


Cultural Information Sheets

We have several cultural information sheets available for download on our publications page. Some resources require a PDF reader. To download Adobe PDF Reader click here.


Welcome to Child Care Handbooks

We provide Welcome to Childcare Handbooks in different languages to assist families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to understand some childcare routines and to help them to settle their child into their new environment.

Please send us an enquiry if you are interested in receiving a handbook in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Burmese
  • Chinese
  • Dari
  • Dinka
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Karen
  • Kaurna
  • Kirundi
  • Korean
  • Nepali
  • Persian/Farsi
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Tamil
  • Vietnamese