Key Worker

Children learn through relationships with the important people in their lives – families and educators – and the activities that they do every day. The role of Early Childhood Intervention professionals working in a Transdisciplinary Key Worker model is to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence of these important people in children’s lives to enhance the development of children through their everyday activities. The principles underpinning this model are that practice is family-centered; strength-based; capacity building; collaborative; and based on natural learning opportunities and routines.

Our Key Workers work to build a supportive relationship with the family, focusing on the child in the context of their family and their community. The Key Worker aims to gain an in-depth understanding of family’s context, circumstances and daily routines to inform the approach to developing capacity through everyday activities and environments. They have an additional focus on building the confidence of parents and promoting participation and development through a strengths based approach.

  • The family receiving strong support from one person instead of having to get to know multiple professionals
  • greater coordination/ less fragmentation of the program
  • reduced intrusion into the family home
  • Increased efficiency and reduced expense
  • Views the whole child’s development as integrated, and emphasises the importance of the family as equal, contributing members of the team.

Our team will work with you and your child, to ensure we provide the best outcomes for the child.

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