Therapy Programs

Our team of leading speech pathologists, psychologists and art therapists are specifically trained to assess and treat children suspected of having:  

  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • global developmental delay  
  • intellectual disability
  • genetic disorder,  and/or
  • challenging behaviours
  • Psychology

    At Inclusive Directions, our clinical psychologists can assist children and teens who are struggling a broad range of challenges.

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  • Art Therapy

    Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where the emphasis is on making art as a means of expression. This is done within a therapeutic relationship with a qualified Arts Therapist.

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  • Speech Pathology

    Book a time to meet our speech pathologists, who can provide assessment and intervention for a wide variety of speech and language challenges.

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  • Occupational Therapy

    Our Occupational Therapist pride themselves on taking a holistic, yet individualized approach to assessing, consulting, treating and collaborating with our clients and their families.

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