Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Communication is a critical skill for developing children to learn in their early years. The ability to communicate wants and needs can build a child’s confidence and increase their capacity to engage and participate in the world around them.

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) was developed in 1985 as a unique augmentative/alternative communication intervention package for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disabilities. Over the past 30+ years, this AAC method has been proven to increase skills for communication and social interaction for children of all ages.



To assist children to acquire and master skills for communication, we offer speech and language assessment to determine the child’s suitability for PECS, including prescriptive letters that may be provided to NDIS supporting funding for this system.

We are also very proud to offer families and children support to implement their PECS program, with level and intensity of supports scaled according to each child’s specific needs and abilities. We can offer intensive support to kick-start the communication and exchange process, delivered by our multi-disciplinary team of speech pathologists and behaviour therapists.

Together we can work with families through the six levels of PECS, leading to independent and confident communicators, who may be ready to transition to independent speech or a more advanced AAC methodology.