Little Steps Program

Little Steps is an early intervention program designed to teach kindy readiness skills in a small group setting.

Within this setting children will learn play, communication and social skills, including:

  • Greeting their peers upon entry to the group setting
  • Transition between activities, including both group and independent play activities
  • Making appropriate requests for help or assistance from peers and therapists
  • Taking turns and waiting in a small group
  • Working together as a team and assisting peers in a small group
  • Using their words and expressive language within relevant contexts and to serve a specific function

The program is led by Speech Pathologist and  Behaviour Therapist each week for ten weeks, aligning with School Terms.

This program provides children with an opportunity to apply  the skills developed through traditional, 1 on 1 therapeutic interventions to a small group setting, in preparation for entry into child care or kindergarten environments.