School Readiness Program

The School Readiness Program exists to provide support to children who require extra assistance in the school behaviours and routines that we take for granted. For those who are about to enter mainstream school and the classroom, this can often be a confronting and chaotic environment.

A classroom has been created at Inclusive Directions, to prepare children for the mainstream school environment. Students are gradually introduced to commonplace school experiences in mock classrooms, followed by school-based support during their actual transition.

The School Readiness Program provides children with skills and knowledge through school-based experiences so they can enter school with confidence.

It also encourages language development, cognitive, social and emotional development as well as improved physical health by having a focus on the following key learning areas:

  • Morning Routines
  • Transitions as well as sitting on the mat and desks
  • Managing distractions and conflict
  • Care for self
  • Ask and responding to questions
  • Social Skills
  • Making friends
  • Break time behaviours


At the completion of the program, children will:

  • Successfully navigate morning routines and rituals of a class by demonstrating those skills with minimal prompting.
  • Learn to transition between tasks, classroom spaces and rooms independently.
  • Independently show appropriate behaviours during break times.
  • Choose appropriate behaviour while sitting on the matt and at a desk.
  • Manage distractions and disruptions with little to no prompting.
  • Be able to ask and respond to questions asked individually and in group situations.
  • Engage in social skill activities in a pair and group situations.
  • Appropriately, with support, manage conflict situations.

The children will demonstrate understanding by:

  • Following instructions after one telling.
  • Sitting appropriately on the mat or at their desk.
  • Asking and responding to questions independently.
  • Ignoring disruptive behaviour.
  • Seeking out other children to become friends with.

When and Where?

Starting on the 11th of September 2018 the program runs over 12 weeks period in line with the school terms. The children will ease into the transition with 2 x 3 hours days for the first six weeks. The program will then move to 3 x 4 hour days over the last six weeks to help build school readiness skills while offering a school experience not necessarily provided at kindergartens and preschools. The School Readiness Program will be run in our purpose built classroom setting at Inclusive Directions Melrose Park.

Daily Time Table

Time Activity
9:30am Welcome – The children arrive and follow the Arrival sequence and then go and play in the crash and bash.
9:40am Morning Routines plus Show and Tell
10:10am Literacy
10:40am Story Time
10:50am PE activities
11am Recess Time
11:30am Silent Reading/1-1 Reading
11:40am Numeracy
12:10pm Art/Music/Drama
12:15pm Train/Lego Time
1:15pm Clean Up Time
1:25pm Songs and Notes
1:30pm Home Time



A comprehensive report is provided that will outline the targeted skills covered within the program. This report can be forwarded to the school to outline the child’s strengths and areas that may require assistance. There will also be a list of recommendations to assist parents, carer’s and educators so that they may have a greater understanding of the child’s needs going into the year.

A quick note from a parent of one of our recent graduates.


It’s Williams first day at school and I just wanted to mention that drop off went very well. All thanks to you and your team for helping him transition and know what to expect. School readiness I think has given him the headspace to deal with this new beginning and I feel he’s much more confident person because he had the preparation. 

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