School Inclusion Behaviour Program

The School Inclusion Behaviour Program is designed to target a range of social, cognitive and practical skills, to prepare children for full time schooling within a mainstream or supported environment. This program works with children to develop the following:

  • Navigation of school routines and rituals, including morning drop off, recess and lunch time and afternoon pick up
  • Transition between learning environments and activities
  • Social interaction and engagement during break and free play times
  • Ability to attend to and focus on learning activities, including instructions being provided by teacher and stories shared by peers
  • Ability to follow instructions in a group situation
  • Conflict resolution

Learning outcomes will be identified for each child in consultation with their parents within the first four weeks of the program, which will assist to further tailor and specify their programs. This program runs on a Monday from 9:30am-1:30pm within a simulated School Classroom.