Intensive School Readiness program

The School Readiness Program provides children with skills and knowledge through school-based experiences so they can enter school with confidence.

The program also provides children who are already in a school environment with an opportunity to refresh their skills after a long Christmas Holiday Break program encourages language development, cognitive, social and emotional development as well as improved physical health by having a focus on the following key learning areas:

  • Morning Routines
  • Transitions as well as sitting on the mat and desks
  • Managing distractions and conflict
  • Care for self
  • Ask and responding to questions
  • Social Skills
  • Making friends
  • Break time behaviours



At completion of the program, children will:

  • Successfully navigate morning routines and rituals of a class by demonstrating those skills with minimal prompting.
  • Learn to transition between tasks, classroom spaces and rooms independently.
  • Independently show appropriate behaviours during break times.
  • Choose appropriate behaviour while sitting on the mat and at a desk.
  • Manage distractions and disruptions with little to no prompting.
  • Be able to ask and respond to questions asked individually and in group situations.
  • Engage in social skill activities in a pair and group situations.
  • Appropriately, with support, manage conflict situations.

The children will demonstrate understanding by:

  • Following instructions after one telling.
  • Sitting appropriately on the mat or at their desk.
  • Asking and responding to questions independently.
  • Ignoring disruptive behaviour.
  • Seeking out other children to become friends with.

Daily Time Table

Our next program runs on the 9th to 18th of January 2018

Time Activity
9:30am Welcome – The children arrive and follow the Arrival sequence and then go and play in the crash and bash.
9:40am Morning Routines plus Show and Tell
10:10am Literacy
10:40am Story Time
10:50am PE activities
11am Recess Time
11:30am Silent Reading/1-1 Reading
11:40am Numeracy
12:10pm Art/Music/Drama
12:15pm Train/Lego Time
1:15pm Clean Up Time
1:25pm Songs and Notes
1:30pm Home Time



A report is provided that briefly outlines the targeted skills covered within the program.

For more information or to sign up Via email clientsupport.sa@benevolent.org.au or by calling our friendly reception team on 7325 8600

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