High School Transition Program

Transitioning from Primary to High School is a big deal for all young people, and especially for children who have additional needs, as well as the parents and carers who love them. To support children and families during these big changes, and make the move to high school more successful, Inclusive Directions have developed the High School Transition Program.

Designed especially for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Intellectual Disability (ID) who are starting high school in 2019, the High School Transition Program has been developed by a specialist team including Psychologists, Behavioural Therapists, Parents and Teens at Inclusive Directions and in association with our friends at The Growing Space. The High School Transition Program is covered under NDIS or parents/carers can choose to pay should they wish. Inclusive Directions is a registered NDIS provider.

As every child is unique, each child’s program is individually tailored to ensure any specific challenges or requirements are addressed and each child’s goals are at the centre of our work together.

The High School Transition Program helps children with:

  • Making new friends, understanding rules in conversation, dealing with conflicts and other social skills.
  • Building self-esteem, flexible thinking and coping with change.
  • Responding to bullying and harassment, self-advocacy and saying no to peer pressure.
  • How to ask for help, getting around their new school with many classrooms and getting books and diaries and all sorts organised.
  • Catching public transport to and from school, getting involved in school clubs, teams and musical groups and other practical learning skills.

Sessions in the program include:

–       The high school transition program will commence in term 4 and will run weekly from 4-6pm at our Melrose Park facility.

–       The program includes a two week intensive “block” in January at Inclusive Directions Melrose Park. This includes 1:1 time with Senior Behavioural Therapists and a high level of support during community access outings, including specific school orientation if required.

The High School Transition Program incorporates “hands on” in classroom learning with fun social activities planned out and about in the community.

Our team will work with you and your child, to make sure they have fun, make friends and are well on their way to start high school with the confidence and skills they need for a great start.

To learn more please phone Inclusive Directions on 08 7325 8600 or email us at [email protected]

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