Jace Kirby

Within days of arriving at Inclusive Directions Flinders Therapy House, the family of Port Pirie toddler Jace Kirby witnessed significant improvements in his communication and behaviour.

Three-year old Jace, together with his parents Rebecca and Karl and his brothers Aiden and Leo, became the first South Australian family to use House. The Kirby family’s two-week intensive Inclusive Directions Flinders Early Intervention Program was fully funded by the NDIS.

“It was extremely emotional for us,’’ his mother Ms Blight said. “Within a few days of attending the House we could see improvements and he was saying new words and has been responding to tasks.’’

Jace was diagnosed with autism in 2014. His communication skills are limited, his speech incoherent and he has limited ability to make eye contact or recognise the presence of others.

Ms Blight said their time at Inclusive Directions Flinders Therapy House was a wonderful experience, with the whole family including Jace’s brothers, also made to feel at home.

“We received overwhelming support from the therapists at the House and were able to see quickly how the Program can assist Jace by targeting the impairments and behaviours that characterise autism,’’ said Ms Blight.

“We knew Jace was enjoying himself, even clapping his hands in the car as we approached the House.

“We’re realistic and know it’s a long road ahead but attending the Program is giving us hope that Jace will be able to better engage, socialise and communicate as he gets older and makes the transition into kindy and school.”


“I am so grateful for the amazing work your team has achieved with my son, Bailey. He is growing more and more each week and I couldn’t be more happy and excited.

I’m truly thankful that I decided to meet with Maggie, who was able to guide myself and Bailey through a hard time.

My friends and family are equally as thrilled and excited with his progress.”