Support for your child

Each child is unique, so achievements will vary from child to child. However, research shows that an intensive program of behavioural approaches, when started at an early age, significantly improves the outcomes for children with autism.

Based on research and evidence

While there are plenty of support programs on offer, very few are based on research.

Inclusive Directions offers one of South Australia’s few evidence-based early intervention programs, which when combined with a welcoming and nurturing environment and tailored support programs, has seen many children thrive and learn new skills.

Backed by evidence, Inclusive Directions Flinders Early Intervention Program is supported by the internationally-acclaimed manual, Structured Program for Early Childhood Therapists Working with Autism – referred to as SPECTRA.

SPECTRA specifically targets early skills known to be important in the development of social and communication skills:

  • social reciprocity
  • joint attention behaviours
  • eye contact
  • play
  • imitation
  • verbal and non-verbal communication, and
  • self-help skills

Using Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques, SPECTRA aims to achieve desirable and appropriate behaviours, and assists in the development of a range of social, communicative and cognitive skills through four main areas:

  • one-on-one interaction,
  • concise and direct instructions,
  • carefully formatted prompting for correct responses, and
  • immediate reinforcement of correct responses.

A focus on positive reinforcement, rather than punishment, to increase the occurrence of improved behaviours is very important.


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