Enhancing Visual Communication

This interactive session will identify and discuss strategies to support children who are in the process of developing speech and communication.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice the use of visual communication strategies, including natural gesture and Key Word Sign.

The workshop considers how to create an inclusive community around individual communication needs.

In addition, it explores how to access augmentative communication resources and community supports.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • informed about augmentative communication systems,
  • identification and practice of strategies to support all children’s communication development, and
  • knowledge of alternative communication resources and locate resources and support in the community.


Speech & Language Development

The concepts of speech and language delays and disorders will be clarified to enable participants to support families in recognising a child’s developmental needs. Participants will also learn where, when and how to refer children for assessment.

We will explore resources and develop strategies for supporting children’s speech and language development through maintaining a language rich program, environment and interactions in their setting.

Strategies to support families with implementing speech pathologists’ recommendations will also be discussed.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • ability to describe the characteristics of Language Delay, Language Disorder, Speech Delay and Speech Disorder,
  • an understanding of scenarios and how to develop strategies to support children’s learning and understanding,
  • being equipped with programming ideas to create language rich environments, and understanding of when and how to refer a child for speech and language assessment.

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