Behaviour & Belonging

This workshop explores strategies and best practice for promoting positive behaviour through interactions with educators and peers, the program and the environment.

When is a child’s behaviour challenging in your setting?

Which behaviours are developmentally appropriate?

How can educators create a sense of belonging and security for each child?

This is an interactive workshop allowing participants to reflect on communication and support systems within their team and to develop strategies for positive change together.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • ability to distinguish the difference between age appropriate and challenging behaviours,
  • identification of areas of practice to promote positive behaviours in children and to develop their sense of belonging,
  • reflection on importance of communication and support within the staff team, and
  • experience using a planning tool to develop possible strategies to support change within the environment.


Beyond Behaviour:
Responding to Children with Complex Backgrounds

This workshop explores practical strategies and develops a measurable plan of support for children with complex backgrounds.

Understanding the current research findings and recommendations for supporting children who have experienced trauma is the first step in providing responsive care. How to access community resources, information and supports to assist practice will also be explored.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • being informed about research and information that support educators to develop an understanding of children who have experienced a degree of trauma,
  • knowledge of effective strategies to respond to children with complex backgrounds,
  • being equipped with a measurable plan of support for a child or environment, and
  • an understanding of community resources, information and support available to assist practice.


Tigger & Eeyore

This workshop will help you to develop a clear understanding of your seven senses and the concept of sensory integration, including expected sensory development.

Participants will explore their own sensory needs and identify the sensory needs of children in their setting. This leads into consideration of the impact of sensory integration on play, behaviour and participation.

We will develop strategies to support individual children’s sensory needs and to provide a balanced, sensory rich environment for all children. Available resources will be also be explored in this workshop.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • experience of having explored the seven senses and the concept of sensory integration,
  • ability to identify the sensory stages of development, and to recognise under reactions and over reactions that impact on play, behaviour and participation, and
  • knowledge of strategies to support a child’s sensory needs and provide a sensory rich environment.


Understanding Connections

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to understand emotions, behaviour and learning through sensory play.

This is an interactive session whereby participants engage in a variety of sensory experiences, to isolate and identify particular senses. This will challenge your perception of the relationship between sensory experience and emotions. It will extend your knowledge and give you a better understanding of children with particular sensory needs:

“A child’s response to touch, movement, visual and auditory stimuli as well as taste and smell can impact them in many ways. It can influence behaviour, attention, impulse control, and success in motor control and related functional skills. The sensory systems are our basic source of communication with our environment.”

Rosemary White

Anticipated outcomes:

  • experience of having explored sensory engagement,
  • understanding of how the brain, the senses and emotions interconnect,
  • a range of strategies to trial, and
  • knowledge of the referral process.


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