Helping children with anxiety and irrational fears

Dr Luke Schneider:-  Helping children with anxiety

Children with anxiety can have irrational fears of all kinds. In this blog post, we explore some methods that Dr Luke has implemented with one of our young clients and had great success.

Noah’s parents have been over the moon to share some progress their son Noah has had this past month with Dr Luke Schneider. We have asked Luke to fill us in below.
I have had the pleasure of working with Noah, aged 10 years, for a few months now. Noah is so much fun to work with; he is always willing to try new things and challenge himself, has a great sense of humour, and plays a mean game of soccer at the end of our sessions together. Recently, Noah and his family reported that he had developed a pretty intense fear of snakes. Living in Australia, we all need to be vigilant regarding snakes, particularly when playing in our backyards, but sometimes our rational fears can become a little irrational and start to impact our day-to-day life. Using cognitive behavioural and exposure therapy approaches, Noah and I identified his irrational and anxious thoughts and replaced these with more realistic thoughts. This process also involved learning a little bit more about snakes, and looking at lots of pictures of them! Noah was so brave and demonstrated such willingness to tackle this fear head-on. He and his family have reported that there has been a marked improvement in this area and that he is now able to go about his day with a lot less fear!

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