Bicultural support

Bicultural support assists children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to access child care services and programs. 


Bicultural Support is a fee for service program that can support children through:

  • providing support for transitions of children into care,
  • providing help with settling into a new environment and assisting children to understand staff expectations and child care routines,
  • encouraging the use of principles of family centred practice and inclusion,
  • facilitating an exchange of information about the children’s program and cross cultural child rearing practices,
  • implementation of culturally appropriate practices for the child,
  • assisting children to develop friendships and fostering their self-worth and identity, and
  • fostering within them a greater understanding of the environment in which they live.

The program can also support staff through:

  • assistance to communicate with culturally diverse families and children,
  • understanding relevant cultural issues,
  • linking staff with professional development, inclusion support and other relevant services,
  • providing cultural advice,
  • teaching simple key words and phrases, and
  • translating simple key words and phrases for use in the program.

Inclusive Directions also offers a range of resources on our cultural resources page that are designed to communicate positive messages about inclusion, identity and difference.

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