Our Team

Servicing the Greater Adelaide metropolitan area, our team provide holistic behavioural therapy from our Melrose Park and Salisbury facilities. We also provide Positive Behaviour Support in – Mt Barker, Murray Bridge, Mannum and Tailum Bend.

Teresa Santillo – Manager

Teresa Santillo brings a wealth of experience in the community services sector where she has delivered and managed innovative services across government and not for profit organisations in South Australia for the past 16 years. She has steered organisations to success within the commercial and non for profit service sectors and led teams to operational excellence across a range of diverse, complex and challenging portfolios including child protection, disability and refugee services.

Teresa is passionate about building a performance culture, lifting team capability and actualising individuals potential and is a strong advocate for the marginalised and disadvantaged. Teresa endeavours to ensure each individual develops to their full potential by ensuring excellence in service delivery, advocacy and community inclusion.

Laura McGill – Senior Behavioral Specialist

Laura Lane Child Development Specialist

Laura has a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science from the University of Adelaide as well as a Masters in Education (Special Education) from Flinders University, with a major in Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is now currently undergoing certification through Florida Institute of Technology where she aspires to be a leading advocate for the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in Australia. With over 3 years experience in ABA, specialising in home and group based early intervention programs, Laura’s interest areas include identifying replacement strategies for attention maintained problem behaviour and the use of Functional Communication Training. Her favourite part of the job is being able to share significant life changing moments with families

Andrew Crowden

Andrew Crowden – Senior Behaviour Therapist

Andrew started with Inclusive Directions as part of his University degree and brings a wealth of knowledge gained over ten years working in the field. Working part-time while completing his degree in Disability and Developmental Education, Andrew brings passion, commitment and humour to his work. He relates well to children and is jokingly known as the biggest kid at Inclusive Directions.

Andrew is qualified in PBS therapy, has previously conducted ABA therapy, was integral to setting up the Independent Directions social group and regularly takes part in all other social programs.

Wendy Tilyard – Senior Behaviour Therapist | Developmental Educator

Wendy has been working for Inclusive Directions since March 2016.  She has two degrees in Education and has completed a Master’s Degree in Disability Studies with Distinction in 2015 at the University of Newcastle.  Wendy majored in Aboriginal Education so at the beginning of her career she worked in small rural Aboriginal communities and schools as a teacher.  Her passion stems from her personal experiences with her physical disability and the intellectual disability of her sister.  Wendy enjoys watching children take that “aha moment” when they learn something for the first time and making sure all children with disabilities experience inclusion whether it be in school or out in the community.

Emsie de Klerk – Occupational Therapist

Emsie de KlerkOccupational Therapist

Emsie is a passionate and motivated  therapist who strives to advocate for kids and assist them in realising and developing their full potential. She strongly believes in Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s words “all children have within them the potential to be great kids. It’s our job to create a great world where this potential can flourish.”

Emsie graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa in 1995 with a bachelors in Occupational Therapy. Her passion and love for working with children started during her studies and she has been working in early services ever since. Emsie was fortunate enough to have spent a few years working in Ireland as well. She immigrated with her family to Australia in July 2017.

She has a special interest in attachment, trauma and floortime/DIR and enjoys the empowerment of parents and the understanding they get of their kids through being part of the therapy process.

Speech Pathologist

Rose Hardy – Speech Pathologist

Originally from Millicent in country South Australia, Rose moved to Adelaide to complete her Bachelor in Speech Pathology.

Rose has over 3 years experience working with children with a range of communication and feeding difficulties. She has extensive experience using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles to assist children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rose has completed training on the use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and has experience in developing and implementing mealtime programs.

Rose likes to use a combination of ABA and play-based therapy in her sessions to ensure her clients achieve their full potential. She is passionate about helping young people to achieve their goals and gain independence in their communication.

Sam Daly – Business Support Officer

Sam is a highly motivated and organised professional with 23 years’ experience in Office Management and Administration. She prides herself on her ability to deal with pressure and multitasks with a positive and flexible attitude. Sam strives to provide exceptional customer care at all times while maintaining a high level of quality work.

Sam’s passionate about providing a friendly and compassionate approach.

Dave Lister

Dave Lister Occupational Therapist 

Dave is an Occupational Therapist with practice experience in a wide variety of paediatric settings. He initially trained in outdoor recreation, before studying a bachelor of youth work and counselling. After working with children and youth for a decade he returned to complete his masters of Occupational Therapy.

Dave knows that child participation is so often reliant on their regulation. He prides himself on maintaining creative responses to complex situations, and has supported and journeyed with families who have experienced challenging times. In this he approaches parents and care givers as co-workers in the therapeutic work.

Dietetics and Counselling

Peter Hill – Dietitian and Counsellor

Peter is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with over 30 years experience and over 15 years of experience as a Registered Counsellor. He has over the last 10 years worked with children and families in both clinical and Child Care settings as a specialist early childhood Dietitian, with a focus on creating positive family and food relationships. He aims to support families to experience the joy of an open and creative relationship with food.

With compassion and creativity, Peter supports families into understanding their current eating habits and the development of achievable strategies to enhance their and their families enjoyment of food through fun activities and parent focused supported meal times. He uses a client centred approach that supports the creation of a safe supportive environment where food exploration and skill development can occur simultaneously. From this strengths based positive experience approach he believes that children are open to learning to feel safe when exploring their environment and challenging their expectations.

As a counsellor he brings a diverse range of counselling insights to help families to understand the complex interplay that significant life events have on our emotions, thoughts and behaviours and how this colours our beliefs and our sense of being.  He believes that only when we have the capacity to reflect and support ourselves are we capable of supporting others. He is passionate about supporting people to connect with their passion and reach their full potential in all areas of their life.

ABA Therapist

Emily Palm – ABA Therapist

Emily is originally from Murray Bridge and moved to Adelaide in 2011 to complete her studies. She graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies in 2015. Emily has 3 years experience in disability, volunteering in an Autism specific child care centre before working as an ABA therapist. She is extremely passionate about ABA and loves seeing the progress her clients make in a short amount of time. She has experience working with children with highly challenging behaviours and assisting her clients in using more appropriate ways to express their feelings. One of the things Emily enjoys most about her work is seeing her non-verbal clients start using words and sharing this excitement with their families

Seniour ABA therapist

Abbie Lau – Senior ABA Therapist

Abbie has a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science from the University of South Australia and a Masters in Social Work from
Flinders University. After she graduated from the University of South Australia in 2010, she was trained as an Applied Behavioural Analysis
(ABA) therapist. She is experienced in working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or developmental delays across
different settings including one-on-one therapy session, social group, ABA classroom and shadow support in school. She is highly passionate
about delivering effective evidence-based intervention for children in a fun and play-based setting.

Abbie enjoys working with children with special needs and taking pleasure in watching them grow with their full potentials. Her passion
is to assist individuals to generalize their new skills across theirhome, school and in the community.

Behaviour Therapist

Matthew Quattrocchi – ABA Therapist 

Matthew is currently in his final year of a Bachelor in Behavioural Science (psychology) with a major in Neuroscience at Flinders University. Having being introduced to the world of behaviour as a Community Support Worker for children with ASD, Matthew has developed a passion for promoting positive behaviour with the children he has worked with.

Recently starting as an ABA therapist, Matthew is passionate about supporting his clients and families to achieve their developmental goals. His favourite aspect of ABA is the ability to track clients progress and use that information to determine the best approach for delivering the therapy

Developmental Educator

Danielle Stafford – Senior Behaviour Therapist

After completing a Communications Degree in Adelaide in 1986, Danielle began her career in Disability Services 31 years ago in various roles, including residential care, supported employment and negotiating open workforce positions for people with disabilities.  She then completed her Bachelor of Developmental Disabilities at Flinders Uni and moved north to Darwin.  There she continued in the disability sector, as house supervisor for aboriginal adults with multiple disabilities, worked with Life. Be in It, and with the Down Syndrome Association teaching computer skills in homes and at schools. Branching out into the youth sector, Danielle moved to the YWCA as Coordinator of the Big Sister Mentoring programme and then left Australia to travel and work in South East Asia.

In Laos, she secured a position with the U.N. Volunteer Programme, running a Health Education and Drug Abuse training programme, followed by a short stint with Care Australia as a Human Resource Consultant.  During her 6 years in Laos her first two children were born.

Danielle returned to Uni in 2009 to secure her Teaching qualification and then spent the next 6 years teaching in primary schools.  In 2015 Danielle moved back to Adelaide with her family, and continued casual teaching.  She has now returned to the disability sector as a Developmental Educator, and is very happy to be back working in her professional field, connected with families, youth and adults with disabilities.


Artemis Synn Neuropsychology Registrar 

Artemis is a Registered Psychologist undertaking a registrar program for endorsement in clinical neuropsychology. She has a strong interest in, and lived experience of, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). She has knowledge and experience in the assessment of cognition (e.g., intelligence, attention, processing speed, memory, and executive function) and in providing strategies to manage cognitive challenges for children, adults, and older adults. She has a Bachelor of Psychology (honours) from Flinders University and a Master of Clinical Neuropsychology from Macquarie University. Her research explored brain regions involved in social cognition by applying an ASD theory of mind paradigm to Fronto-Temporal Dementias.

Artemis takes a client-centred and biopsychosocial approach to understanding each individual’s strengths and challenges. In particular, it is her passion and vision to educate individuals, families, schools, and healthcare workers around cognitive, executive, and social abilities — as there is often limited formal guidance with these skills despite the impact on everyday function.

Music Thearpist

Tom McGrath – Registered Music Therapist

Tom McGrath is a Registered Music Therapist from Adelaide. Originally trained as a session musician, Tom has performed in almost every continent to thousands of people. Whilst studying his undergraduate, Tom began to witness the therapeutic power of music and enrolled into units of psychology. From there, Tom travelled the seven seas performing on cruise ships in the house orchestra, before returning home to Adelaide.

Tom then went on to complete the Master of Music Therapy through the University of Melbourne, where he gained clinical experience in acute mental illness, special education, paediatric oncology and neuro-rehabilitation.

He now lives in Adelaide and works with a variety of young people with complex needs including neurodevelopmental disorders, at-risk adolescents, youth mental health and young people with profound and multiple disabilities.

Tom’s clinical expertise focuses on client-centered approaches and he enjoys collaborating with the people he works with to explore their creativity. Tom is well versed in musical improvisation, therapeutic song-writing methods and music for developmental learning. Additionally, Tom is continuing his professional development by training in Narrative Therapy through the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide.

Amidst his clinical work, Tom also has a strong passion for Hip Hop and has experience collaborating, song-writing and producing with young local artists.

Catherine Birvé – Senior Behaviour Therapist

Catherine holds a Bachelor in Disability and Developmental Education and a Masters of Social Work from Flinders University. Catherine has previously had extensive experience within disability in the government and non-government sector and experience as a social worker within grief and loss therapy, parent-infant attachment, dementia and cognitive stimulation therapy. Catherine also participates as a university social work tutor within the Indigenous Services program at Uni SA. Catherine’s strengths are her passion for working with people, with a person centred approach which seeks to empower individual and families.

Kirsty Rismondo – Business Support Officer

Kirsty has over 15 years of administrative experience with a very strong customer service focus. She prides herself in delivering high quality business support to all our clients and families and loves to make them feel welcome and comfortable when they walk through our doors.

Kirsty especially enjoys meeting and working with all the children that visit our centres. Her goal is to finish studying Health Science and one day join the Occupational Therapy team.

Jack Jercic - Client Services Coordinator

Jack Jercic – ABA Therapist

Jack has been working with children with disabilities in numerous capacities for over two years. He has worked on a number of client services with Inclusive Directions and has an enviable reputation when supporting our clients to date. Having tried a number of different career paths and university courses, Jack finally found his passion in the caring industries assisting children with intellectual disabilities and behaviours of concern. Jack is currently practising ABA Therapy as well as studying a Certificate IV in Disability, with a view to continue studying behaviour, disability and early intervention in the future.

Leigh McGill – ABA Therapist

Leigh’s career in disability support began over 10 years ago when working for DECD, facilitating swimming and water safety programs for primary school students with disabilities. Over the course of his time in this role, he became increasingly interested in and passionate about supporting the development of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This led him to begin working as an Education Support Officer at a primary school. During the six years in this role, he undertook extensive training in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia support, which led to facilitating early intervention programs for Dyslexia, as well as multiple “What’s the Buzz?” social skills groups with great success.

Leigh is now undertaking his Registered Behaviour Technician training to pursue a career further in ABA. Leigh prides himself on the caring, supportive and trusting relationships he has built with students, families and co-workers throughout his career so far and is known for being a positive role model and advocate for social justice, inclusion and respect.

Peta Baker – Senior Behaviour Therapist

Peta has a foundation in Behavioural Science through Charles Darwin University and extensive experience in implementation of Positive Behavioural Plans. Having lived in the Murraylands for the last 15 years, she has sound knowledge of the area’s infrastructure and is comfortable travelling between the region’s various locations.

With several years’ experience in diversified community support, Peta has a shared understanding of challenging behaviours – within home and school environments. Supporting families has also become a strong motivator for Peta, believing that increased quality of life is possible with professional support and access to, successful behaviour outcomes.

In addition to her academic background in behaviour, Peta has insight developed through personal and professional experiences, and supports the significance of every family’s journey with their unique expressions, talents and strengths each person brings with them. Advocacy is a further topic of significant importance to Peta, with her commitment to promoting the strength of expert support for families, especially in recent times as the transitions of the NDIS are put into action.

Rachel Frost – Speech Pathologist 

Rachel studied a Masters of Speech Pathology and a Bachelor of Psychological Science at Flinders University. She is also a qualified ABA therapist and has over four years experience delivering ABA therapy and providing community support for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

She has previous experience in Private Practice working with children and adults with a range of communication and behavioural difficulties.  Rachel has a particular interest in behaviour management and early intervention. She wishes to further her study in behavioural analysis in the future.

Belinda McLaren – Support coordinator and Behaviour Therapist

Belinda supports families across the Limestone coast and is based in Mount Gambier. Belinda has worked with children and families for 25 years (through school of the air, kindergartens and an OSHC Director) and has been with Inclusive Directions for 10 years.

Belinda  values the privilege of being able to work with families to build their children’s skills and independence to support successful engagement both in the family environment and within the community

Jane Deek – Speech Pathologist

Jane graduated from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and is a member of Speech Pathology Australia. Jane is bilingual and is fluent in Arabic.

Jane is committed to providing support to all clients and their families and understands the importance of a tailored therapy approach to suit the varying needs of each individual. She is a strong advocate for client centred care and collaborative practice. Jane is passionate about helping children achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Jane recognises that communication is achievable for children in many different ways and strongly believes in using Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). All individuals have the right to communicate and Jane is dedicated to helping her clients receive the support they need and deserve.

Steven Klaebe – Speech Pathologist

Steven has a Masters in Speech Pathology and Bachelor in Psychological Science. He has returned home to Adelaide after a period in Launceston, Tasmania working with 0-4 year old children. He has previously worked with adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and assisted them in gaining open employment. With previous experience working with rehabilitation patients at the Repatriation General Hospital Steven has a wide range of experiences with a large variety of clients requiring Speech Pathology services.

Steven takes a family centred approach to therapy and endeavours to engage parents and families in therapy wherever possible. He aims to continue and complete his training to become a qualified Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostician

Alisha Banks – Child Development Specialist

Alisha joined the Inclusive Directions team in 2018, coming with a wealth of experience in Applied Behaviour Analysis and conducting Early Intervention for children on the Autism Spectrum. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science from Flinders University and will finish her studies in 2019 obtaining a Master of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism from the Sage Colleges in New York. Alisha is passionate about the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis and is looking forward to finishing her studies and obtaining her board certification, hopefully becoming one of the few Board Certified Behaviour Analysts in our state!

Alisha’s passion for working with children with developmental disabilities began over 10 years ago with involvement in a variety of volunteer programs supporting those with additional needs. She has since travelled overseas with her skills as a part of a specialist intervention team as well as working in the field in Adelaide for over 5 years. Alisha has experience working in childcares, schools, homes, centres and other learning environments. Alisha loves working with professionals from other disciplines to provide the best individualised program that we can for our clients. Her favourite part of the job is training parents and therapists to create fun and effective learning environments to help their clients/children learn functional communication skills and begin to engage with the world around them more.

Richard Yin  – Occupational Therapist

Richard is a recent occupational therapy graduate, where he has a Masters in Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Health Science from the University of South Australia.

Having already built strong relationships with some of the families and children at Inclusive Directions during his final placement, Richard has also previously worked with children with disabilities in the community and school setting. Recently, he was able to create an inclusive and accessible outdoor area, incorporating nature and sensory play for children with severe and complex disabilities at an Adelaide primary school.

From these experiences, Richard has developed a passion for supporting children to be independent and developing their skills and confidence to help them realise their full potential. As he is a big kid at heart, he relates well to children and looks to incorporate lots of fun into his sessions. He truly values the importance of building a relationship with the child and parents in working towards their goals, whether that be around fine/gross motor skills, social skills, sensory processing or self-care.