How We Deliver

We exist because…

  • there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for people with high and complex needs
  • we want to give individuals the best possible chance at inclusion in a rewarding life, and as a valued member of their community
  • families who live with exceptional circumstances need expert, unbiased advice that they can trust and rely on
  • well supported families provide better outcomes for individuals
  • it shouldn’t be so difficult for people to access the services that offer the best future


Our promise

We will:

  • be responsive at the times families most need support, advice and guidance
  • always do what is right by children, individuals and their families
  • work hard to help families navigate the complex system and then support them to determine the best way forward
  • work with behaviours not the diagnosis to allow children to be the best version of themselves
  • embrace and treat individuals and their families with understanding, compassion and respect
  • be upfront and honest and not be afraid to have the hard conversations
  • never shy away from helping those with high and complex needs   


Our how

We deliver this to our clients by:

  • providing a full suite of services to make their life simpler, eliminating the need for multiple providers
  • being where they need us, either in the home, at school, at kindy or in our clinics
  • giving them access to the very best therapists and specialists in the field
  • developing a personalised program tailored to every person’s individual needs
  • taking a holistic approach to supporting their wellbeing and that of their family
  • offering diagnostic assessments, therapy, small group therapy and individualised therapy
  • advocating for individuals and families when it comes to funding
  • determining the supports families and individuals need and helping them to get them